RPM has been supporting the „nutty shot“ since 2015: Frangelico from Campari.

The liquor dusts off every shot shelf, thus providing an unconventional alternative in this segment. The communication approaches millenials as main target group.

RPM is responsible for strategic planning and execution in several aspects of public relations. The focus are blogger relations and usage of various social media channels for the brand: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. “Generation-clash” and changing the point of view are the major topics that mark Frangelico’s path from our cupboards towards the hottest bars of the city.


  • Strategy development and consulting
  • Concept development
  • Image building and management
  • Brand positioning
  • Traditional press relations
  • Media cooperations (print/online)
  • Photo shoots
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

New and
Social Media

  • Blogger relations
  • Channel and community management
  • Live communication of brand activation events


Project description

The change of perspective gave consumers the opportunity to completely renew Frangelico as a brand while drinking a shot in their favourite bar. The dress code stays the same: Bottle in shape of a monk with attached real cord bounded around its hip. The obvious wink showcases the current campaign dealing with a clash of traditional heritage and realignment of Frangelico. At last but not least, Frangelico’s “Nuts Bingo” acts as a perfect representation of an overhauled and crazy bingo game, which will be used for online-, print- and live-communication. High quality blogger- and media cooperations supported by extensive video-, image- and GIF materials will lead a new and fully recharged Frangelico from RPM with a large-scale social media activation towards its target group.